In order to meet the requirements of the aerospace Industry, STACEM is able to design and manufacture a wide range of parts. STACEM can offer all the compounds complying with the NFL 17107 standard.
In order to meet new needs, STACEM is able to produce O'rings and molded parts weighing from a few grams to several kilos, cut or machined seals, in more than 300 formulas made of various types of compounds.
Thanks to our in-house laboratory, our manufacturing workshop and our business partners, we can offer a wide range of protective solutions against your static or dynamic sealing problems. Your equipment is protected in most conditions of use.
In order to meet the requirements of our customers of the high-tech sector, STACEM has developed a wide range of electrical conducive parts, with the purpose of protecting your equipment against external electromagnetic interferences.
In order to ensure the long term reliability of your electronic equipment, STACEM offers a wide range of heat conducive materials whose purpose is to transfer the heat from your components into a heat sink.