Electromagnetic Interference EMI Shielding

EMC is the ability of electrical or electronic equipment to operate without interfering with or without being interfered with by an electromagnetic field. For this, it is imperative to ensure proper shielding continuity between the different components of the shielded enclosure.
The shielding effectiveness will be judged by the attenuation of the electromagnetic field (in dB) transmitted in shielded equipment as compared with the same equipment that does not have shielding.

Standards define the emission limit values and susceptibility of equipment.
Their levels of requirements depend on the environment in which the equipment will be located (military and civil).
Our role is to offer the most appropriate solution to your problem.
We have for this purpose following products:
- Conductive elastomers
- Conductive fabric over foam gaskets
- Conductive foam
- Fingerstock gasket
- Knitted wire mesh
- Conductive film and tape
- Conductive adhesive
- Board level shielding
- Microwave absorber