With 17 000 different dimensions, our range of O-rings represents 50% of our

– Production using all grades of rubber: standardized mixes to NFL17107, industrial mixes ranging from 20 to 90 Shore, from NR to perfluorinated.

– These seals can be identified by a point of colour or through-stained (e.g. EPDM violet, NBR yellow or red, FPM green).

– Dimensional range from 0.5 to more than 900 mm for interior diameter and
from 0.5 to 20 mm for torus diameter (even greater on demand).
Standard AS568A, SMS1586, ISO3601, JIS B2401, ...

– Dimensional check assisted by camera. The default parameters for this check comply with standard ISO3601-1.

– Appearance check on defects complying with standard ISO3601-3.

– Production of flat and cocked O-ring seals.

– Unit packaging (complying with NFL 17103) on demand (one million seals
packed annually).).