Gender Equality Index of Stacem

• The Law on the Freedom to Choose One’s Professional Future, which was promulgated on September 5th 2018, was made to avoid possible inequalities within companies with less than 50 employees.
• Each year, companies are required to measure and publish their Gender Equality Index.
The purpose of this indicator is to enable the company to measure the gender pay gap.  It also highlights the progress points on which the company must act when differences are identified.

The index is an overall score of 100 points based on 5 indicators:
1. Pay gap
2. Gap of the different rates of individual increases
3. Difference in promotion rates between women and men
4. Percentage of employees who have returned from maternity leave with an increase upon their return
5. Number of under-represented male and female employees among the Top ten paid employees

In 2020, STACEM improved the score of 2019 and obtained an excellent score of 94/100!
2020 Index, published in 2021

Download : 2020 Index, published in 2021