Machined plastic parts

We produce machined plastics parts with NC lathes used only for this activity(Production capacity up to 300mm) in a purpose built air-conditioned machining room, and a big experience with a qualified team.

Machining parts are checked with a 3-D optical measuring instruments, our integrated quality system, are the hallmarks of impeccable quality.

- Engineering plastics:

PA, PA modified, POM, POM modified, PE, PE-UHMW and PET are enabled to found for the most widely differing requirements.

- High performance plastics:

PEEK, natural or modified , PAI, PI present exceptional qualities.

- Fluoroplastics :

PTFE has an excellent chemical inertness, exceptional dielectric properties and excellent sliding behavior. This plastic can be modified with glass, bronze, carbon, graphite…to optimize its performance based on the application.