Rubber compounds for industrial applications

This table consists of references, hardness, colors and properties of our main elastomer compounds for industry to the date of publication of this list. It was established at the request  of many users who want to have a document taht can attest to the expertise of STACEM.
We wish it to be INFORMATIVE and that you consult us according to features that may occur in your needs. We are at your disposal to study all special cases of resistance to temperature, specific products, colors, food grade, ... etc.
We classified our mixes by quality family indicating the chemical name and major commercial designations for each.

Natural rubber     1              NR              
Nitrile rubber 2 NBR
Polychloroprene rubber 3 CR
Ethylene propylene rubber 4 EPDM-EPT    
Silicone elastomer 5 VMQ
Fluorocarbon elastomer                         6 FKM
Fluorosilicone elastomer 6 MFQ
Hypalon rubber 7 CSM
Butyl rubber 8 IIR
Epychloridine 9 CO
Polyurethane PU EU